Is Premier Care Dorset Limited registered with the appropriate bodies / professional associations ?

Yes,  we are registered with the Care Quality Commission.  We are also a registered Limited Company in England and Wales.  Our Registration Number is 6359687.

What is Home (Domiciliary) Care?

A Carer will visit you in your own home and help you with the everyday personal care that you cannot manage for yourself, such as bathing or showering, dressing and grooming. They can prepare meals for you and help with light household duties. The level of care provided varies, depending on the individual needs and agreed care package. It can range from general companionship and housekeeping to high dependency, intensive personal care.

What is Night Care ?

A Carer sleeps or stays awake in the client's home for the night depending on the agreed care package.  If a client needs help during the night the Carer will be awake and ready to help. Sometimes a client just needs to know that a Carer is on hand in case they need one.  This is called Sleeping Care. The level of care provided varies, depending on the individual needs.

What areas of the county do you cover ?

Premier Care Dorset Limited covers areas within a radius of 25 miles around Ferndown. 


How long does the care last ?

Home Care Service can be provided for as long as you need the service and varies from 1 call per week to several calls per day, 7 days a week.

My current care provider is always sending me different Care Workers, I never know who is coming.  Would care from you be any different ?

We know how important it is for you to build a rapport with your Carer and so we try very hard to keep the same carer with you.  There are times when this is unavoidable and in order to keep continuity of care we will have to send you another Carer. This is when your usual carer does not work or is on holiday or off sick.  

Who are your Carers ?

Our Care workforce is representative of the diverse needs of clients. We maintain a strong, consistent base of Care staff sourced from the Local surrounding areas. Our Carers come from a wide variety of backgrounds.  We have both female and male Carers. Premier Care Dorset make every effort to maintain continuity of care for each Service User providing the service is working well. Premier Care Dorset Limited have a robust recruitment and selection process, which complies with all employment legislation as well as the  Care Standards Act 2000 and related Regulations requirements.

What tasks will your staff do ?

As many or as few as you wish. Once your care requirements are arranged with the Registered Manager the following  tasks can be performed:

Personal Care such as bathing, showering, toileting, dressing and grooming, catheter care, stoma care, medication prompting. Household tasks such as  light housework, laundry, cooking, shopping, prescription collecting.
Social  trips out, visiting friends, excursions. Companionship, conversation, reading and  listening.Sitting service. Night care.

Will they be able to look after my pets ?

As long as you stipulate that this is a care requirement we will ensure that the carer placed is comfortable looking after your pet as well as they look after you.

How are the Staff trained ?

We have an intensive training programme. Training is delivered by highly qualified staff and is an ongoing development.   Our new Care staff are shadowed by an experienced Carer until they feel confident and are competent to go out on their own. We believe that our staff should be ready to handle any situation they are faced with. Continuous spot checks by senior members of staff ensures that our Care staff are performing to our high standards. 6 monthly reviews of care ensure that you are happy with the service you receive, although these reviews can be earlier if you request it.

Have the carers undergone a Criminal Records Bureau check ?

All of our Carers undergo an Enhanced DBS check

What will happen if the regular Carer is sick or goes on holiday ?

Should your regular Carer be sick we will immediately arrange cover until they are better. In this circumstance we cannot guarantee that the intermediate Carer will be able to fulfil exactly the same criteria, although we will make every attempt possible to closely meet your criteria. Holidays are only authorised well in advance with the Registered Manager so that suitable replacements can be allocated.

What happens if I need help and your offices are closed?

We provide a telephone support system for both our Clients and Staff which is manned between 07.00am to 08.30am and 5.30pm to 10.30pm Monday to Friday and 07.00am to 10.30pm at weekends.   During these times we have senior staff available to cope with emergency situations. These contact details are all supplied in your own personal Care file that is provided at the beginning of care support.

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