personal care

Many adults need support in their daily lives and there are lots of reasons for this. For some people, getting older means you can’t do as much as you once could; for others, you need help to cope because of a learning or physical disability, mental health needs, long-term illness, or problems with drugs or alcohol.

The kind of support people need varies from help with daily activities such as washing, dressing and meals, to visits to Day Centres, short breaks for carers or ‘respite care’ for the people they look after.

Most people can manage with the help of family and friends. For others, more intensive help may be needed and other options can be looked at, such as support with a carer regularly coming in and helping on a daily basis.

Good quality home care can be a deciding factor in enabling an elderly or disabled person to maintain independence and continue living in their own home.

What Can Clients Expect from our Services?

To be consulted, listened to, valued and respected.
To be involved in the decisions relating to their individual and collective care and recreation and have choices in how these are delivered.
Not to have your trust, confidence and vulnerability abused.
To feel safe and secure.
To have companionship and fellowship.
To be enabled to maximise your physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual potential and social capacity within a comfortable and pleasant environment.
To provide us with feedback on how we can better meet your needs.

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